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With the rapid improvement in technology, a necessity of fast communication has arrived, and several technology companies have tried to fulfill this demand. In the beginning, several companies have started email services and two major players, Google and Yahoo, have emerged. However, no one can satisfy the need of human development, and it always requires new product and modified services. Thus in 1993 AOL Support mail was started and in 1997 it became the largest email service provider in the world. Now it is a division of Verizon Communications.

AOL Support number

It has completely fulfilled the needs of the users and makes them happy and satisfied with its great service, and now it has been using all over the world with the sheer feeling of safety and security. It has a lot to offer to all the segments of users and try to make their email experience better than before. If you need further information or support, then you should call at AOL Support and get the complete professional support.

Some distinctive features of AOL Support

There are several companies in the market that are serving good email services to the users. But what makes a company attractive to the users? One can say easily say that its unique, distinctive features that are different from all other companies. Now with a lot of works of research, AOL Support has created some great features that lead it to the different level from all other companies in customer satisfaction. Now it is known for the excellent and great features that make the email experience better than earlier.

AIM feature: AOL Instant Messaging is a desktop application that helps AOL mail users to send and receive messages instantly and directly right on your AOL mail screen. You can easily configure the AIM messenger to get the fast messaging service.

Event and Calendar: AOL offers a nice feature of event and calendar that are integrated with your AOL mail account and allows you to create your event and calendar to make plan your events and remarkable

To do feature: AOLSupport helps you to remember important tasks to be completed in the future such as birthday calls, or other tasks. You can set a task and AOL will notify you at the specific time. That not only sounds cool but also help you to manage your important tasks.

Apart from these, AOL offers you normal features with great accuracy that are somehow provided by other email service providers as well. It also provide you greater feeling of security to make you protected from spam and other malicious activities.

How to create an AOL mail account?

Now you aware of features of AOL mail that are mesmerizing and useful to make enhance your email experience. So if you want to create an AOL mail account you need to follow some certain steps that are given below:

  • First, you need to go to from your internet browser
  • You will find a page for a sign and sign up
  • You need to click on the option “create account.”
  • Once you click on that, you will get a new window asking some details of you
  • You need to enter your name, birthdate, and gender
  • Then you have to create a username that should be unique, and that will become your email address
  • You have to choose a password that should also be unique and strong
  • Now click on continue to complete the process
  • If everything is correct, then you will get a congratulatory message stating that you have created an AOL account successfully
  • Now you can go to sign page and try to sign in with your new email address and password

In case you get an issue or unable to create an account despite using the correct steps, again and again, then you should promptly call at AOL Support and get the prominent support. You will get an easy solution with easy steps to create an account on AOL mail.

How to sign in to AOL mail account?

Once you have created an AOL mail account, you can easily sign to your account and enjoy a faster network of email. Now to do so, you can follow these steps:

  • Open your internet browser
  • Go to the
  • Now you will be asked to enter a username
  • Enter your correct username carefully and then click on “next.”
  • Now you will have to enter your password
  • Make sure that caps lock and num lock key on your keyboard is turned off
  • Then enter your password carefully and click to “sign in.”
  • Now you can access your AOL mail account easily

However, you will find that the process is easy, but in some cases, you may not be allowed to sign in due to some reasons. In case you find these certain cases you should call at AOL Customer Service for the easy and prominent support.

Some common errors in AOL mail:

AOL has been serving its users at a greater extent taking care of their needs and provide them complete satisfaction. However, no other email service is free from glitches, and technical errors and AOL mail users may also face some errors that may or prevent them using the services of AOL mail and ruin their experience. However, in any case, if you find an issues or error you should call at AOL Support Number asking for the expert support from the AOL professionals. Now here you can find some common errors of AOL mail:

  • Forgotten AOL mail password
  • Sign in issue with AOL mail password
  • Spam messages issues in AOL mail
  • AOL mail not sending email issue
  • AOL mail not receiving email issues
  • How to block messages and email address in AOL mail
  • How to configure AOL mail on iPhone
  • AOL mail password reset issue
  • How to retrieve missing AOL emails
  • AOL mail hacked issue
  • Security solutions in AOL mail
Aol Email Issues

These are the most common issues that are usually faced by the users of AOL mail. They need complete support against these errors. Now if you are an AOL user and you get an error related to AOL mail, then you should call at AOL Support Number +1-855-212-5748 and get the complete support with a professional approach.

Get the AOL Support number for further assistance:

AOL mail is a sophisticated network of email and provide a quality service to its users to send and interestingly receive emails and also protect their needs and interest. Now when you meet with any issues, you will need a qualified expert who can understand your problem and tell you the exact solution. That’s why you should choose AOL Technical Support Number for the expert solution in a professional way to fix your issue at best and earliest.