Aol Desktop Gold icon is missing

The internet how grown to be an indispensable part of our lives. Whether we use it for sending emails, streaming videos, catching up on the news or just connecting through social media, each person uses the internet differently. AOL Desktop Gold is designed in such a way that whatever you need can find it in this all-in-one browser. The new desktop is a perfect combination of the classic AOL look combined with a range new features. The latest technology used by AOL Desktop Gold ensures that users enjoy better security, faster browsing speed, and personalized email styles. But despite all the amazing features advancements AOL Desktop Gold does experience errors. Users can resolve almost any error by contacting AOL Desktop support and speak to a certified expert.

But there are some common errors that users can solve on their own and save time. Of the most common errors is when the AOL Desktop Gold icon is missing from the computer. Users may have sometimes noticed that when they start their system and want to login to their AOL browser, the AOL icon itself is nowhere to be seen. If you also have also faced a problem like this then don’t worry because this blog will guide you on how to Fix AOL Desktop Gold icon missing issue.

Steps to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing

Solution 1: Install AOL Desktop Gold

It is possible that AOL Desktop Gold may have been deleted by accident from your computer. If that is the case then the Desktop Gold icon will also be deleted and will be missing from your system. You can follow the steps mentioned below to download and reinstall AOL Desktop Gold on your computer:

  • Open the internet browser on your computer or and go to the official AOL website.
  • Look for the AOL desktop gold and click on the button to download.
  • Once the AOL download is complete save the file on your PC
  • Run the file and on follow the necessary steps to complete the installation of AOL desktop gold.
  • When AOL is installed you can just right-click on it and create a shortcut so that the missing AOL icon appears on your home screen.

Solution 2: Create a Shortcut

If AOL Desktop Gold is already installed then just follow these simple steps to create a shortcut and retrieve the mission icon:

Step 1: Go to the system tray at the bottom right of your screen

Step 2: Right-click the AOL icon

Step 3: Click on the option to create an AOL desktop gold icon on the desktop

Remember that just because the icon is missing does not mean the AOL Desktop Gold software is not available on your computer. If you follow the steps given in this article then you should be able to create a new icon without any difficulty. If still feel that the issue is not resolved you can get in touch with AOL Desktop support to clarify the problem.

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