There are several reasons because of which you can come across the issue of the blank screen when you try logging into your AOL Mail account. This is a prevalent issue that most of the users would come across. The users can go through this blog to find accurate ways in which they can overcome this issue. They would even have the option of connecting with AOL Support where they would get all the assistance that is required for handling this issue efficiently.

Solutions to solve this issue are:

Try signing out and then later signing back in: It has often been seen that the easiest solutions are the most effective ones as well. When you face such an issue while working on your mail account, then promptly sign out of your account wait for a few minutes and then sign in again. This solutions is seen to have solved the issue for several users.

Make sure you clear the Cache, Cookies, and history of the browser: You browser stores some temporary internet files which enables a better internet browsing experience. It would be ideal for the users to delete these stores files as these could be creating problems. The process of clearing these files vary from browser to browser.

Reset the Web Settings: It is often seen that when the user installs another web browser apart from Internet Explorer on their system, some of their IE settings change automatically. It would be best for you to reset these settings to default. Once you reset the settings, there are chances that you would not have to encounter the issues of a blank screen.

Try accessing AOL Mail using a different browser: The users are advised to access their email account using a different browser. The users can use an alternate browser using which they can access the AOL website and try logging into the account.

Examine the firewall settings on your computer system: When you access the firewall settings, make sure that you allow the friendly URLs of AOL. To be able to solve this issue effectively, users should disable their pop-ups which might be blocking the software. Another option that you would have is to enlist the to the white list of domains accepted by your pop up blocker software.

Ensure that the Java applet scripting and cookies are enabled in Internet options: One efficient way to solve this issue is by allowing Java applet scripting and cookies. By taking up this process, you would efficiently be able to resolve the problem where you are facing a blank screen.

By undertaking the above-given steps, you would efficiently be able to solve the error of encounter a blank screen while trying to sign in to AOL mail. If you face any difficulty in following the steps, you can promptly connect with the AOL Customer Support number. They would understand the issue that you are facing and then provide you with the best possible solutions.

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