install aol desktop gold for windows

AOL desktop gold is one of the red-hot topics in the market due to its excellent and luring features. With many benefits, a user of AOL gold also enjoys a boosted speed experience on their desktop while using this software. AOL also provides an enhanced security to their users as whenever you log into your account there is always a 2 step verification check that makes your files and emails safer than the usual other mail service providers. One thing that makes the users happy is that this software is completely compatible with all the windows then be it Windows 7, 8 or 10.1.

With AOL gold in your desktop, you also can enjoy the features such as streaming online music and videos without any checks and opening any other browser. You can also enjoy games and much more here on the AOL gold. Moreover, when you download and install the software in your device, there is always an option for you online. AOL also provides a few varieties in the kind of desktop services they give. You can choose whichever suits you the best amongst them. AOL gold is the premium version of the software that allows you to access all the benefits and features given by them. Millions and millions of users are enjoying their time with this software. Are you?

If you are still stuck with the answer to your question that, how can you AOL desktop gold download in your device then here is the easiest way for you? Just follow these steps and you will be through the process in a jiffy:

  • Open the official webpage of AOL software.
  • From all the other options, select the AOL gold’s option.
  • After this, you will be directed to another page where you will find the download link to this software.
  • But there would be a few options and depending upon your Operating system, select Windows. Because if in case you download the Mac software, it would not run in your desktop.
  • Once you have selected the OS now hit the download button.
  • After you have successfully downloaded the software, now you will have to double click on the icon that is given there on the download’s section of the desktop.
  • After this, you will have to run it and let it install.
  • Later to the extraction process you will you can use the software and also you can make it as your default.

If you get stuck anywhere, you can contact the customer care service for help Install AOL Desktop Gold.

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